Friday, March 6, 2009

Bad Poetry Slam, Family-Style

Q's poetic attempts are as bad as mine, but a little more excusable given her age.

Here's her response which she placed in the mailbox for me:

.......Once upon a time
.......I made a rhyme.
.......But that rhyme spent too much time.
.......I never knew the time flew. by.

.......I wrote about my mother
.......that was a hugger.
.......She was the nicest person around
.......that I knew in town.

.......This is the end of my rhyme
.......about my mother
.......who was a hugger.

.......XOXOXO ...Q...

She wrote an equally quick and simple ditty for her father after he complained that he failed to receive a solicitation for correspondence from her. Last night she went to him and apologized and asked him to please write her a note, and he said, "No." (He likes to be sneaky like that: disappoint, then follow-through and relieve the despair. Classy, no?)

She magnanimously chose, nevertheless, to write a poem for him. All you need to know is that "Daddy" was paired with "never saddy". This thing is going downhill fast, I'm thinkin'.

Can't wait to hear Daddy's contributions....


I've almost finished with the five poems to be doled out while I'm away.

I'm posting them here and now mostly for my own record-keeping purposes. If you feel inclined to add or improve upon them, feel free to do so in the comments. Just don't be mean and hurt my little feelings. Also, I guess this is where other people with content worth copying say something like: this is copyrighted material and you can't use it unless I say so. So consider that said regarding this material, in the very unlikely event someone may find it tempting to filch it. I wrote these while sitting in the chair getting my hair done so I'll be beeyootiful for my trip and so I wouldn't have to talk to the lady cutting my hair. I'm so productive!

Poem #1 (because she usually misses me the most that first night):
Whenever you miss me
And wish you could kiss me
Or I could kiss you
Here are things you can do

Heave a deep sigh
Or stick your finger in your eye
Or grab a pen and write a note
About a funny anecdote.

Just try to laugh as much as you can!
Create a secret tickle plan,
one that'll make you feel good
inside your head just like I would.
(Better, even, than I could.)

Poem #2:
Watch that caterpillar climb
Onto a branch in order to dine
On fresh and crispy leaves that crunch
Between her teeth as she eats lunch.

Poem #3:
Winky pinky hoopie wow
Missy-Miss is our brown cow
She loves clover
She loves hay
She's why we drink cafe au lait! (thought I'd teach Q a little French)

Poem #4:
Ha-ha, hee-hee, ho-ho-ho!
There's a lot you already know.
As you learn and your brain grows
other things will have to go.
This will happen more and more.
It's really bad when you're 44.

Poem #5:
This is the day that I return home
(go on, get excited!)
With presents and pralines and Styrofoam
(you'll soon be quite delighted!)


Cat said...

Oh these are great!

gudnuff said...

I can't help but be suspicious about whether these are things I've actually already read or seen somewhere, you know? And if so, please let me know pronto. (ugh!)

gudnuff said...

Thanks Cat! (I want to rhyme everything now - I almost followed "Thanks Cat!" with "'cause I know you know where it's at." Please forgive me. I'll work at muzzling the rhyming impulse.)

Hyphen Mama said...

Bravo! I have to admit that if this were me, I'd have the umph for about 1 poem and then I'd run out of inspiration.

Good call on writing while getting one's hair done. I HATEHATEHATE those mindless conversations with the hair dresser, pretending you have something to say and that you care what she has to say. I might steal THAT from you.

Cee said...

ahhh great! I love Q's poem- so sweet! makes any mom's heart melt

Patois said...

I love these! I'm sure she's going to be thrilled.

kel said...

Love it!

Cat said...

seriously this is fun stuff for a kid and a mom too!

dgm said...

Excellent! I can't wait to hear how she responds.

Anonymous said...

I have a little something for you over at my blog!
(somehow, as I was writing that, it sounded a little "hey kid, I've got some candy in the car" in my head...weird)

gudnuff said...

Thanks everybody! My follow-up post is in development. You guys keep me going, you really do.