Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pink Mailbox Update and Award Response

[This is a belated response, thank you and acknowledgement of the very kind, very generous award that Teasingly Diverse bestowed upon me last week. Thank you, Chere!!! See the bottom of this post for compliance with award stipulations. I'm trying to live up to being Kreativ! This is also a follow-up post to the Pink Mailbox Poetry Slam Event of 2009 wherein I attempted to get all cute and clever with Q while I was out of town last week.]
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I was sitting at the computer last night, fingers poised over the keys, awaiting inspiration. My husband was moving around, getting his gym bag ready, locating his ipod, packing an extra towel, etc. I looked up as he walked past and I said, "Give me a noun. Something I can rhyme. Like, what're you going to do at the gym? Don't say basketball. I can't rhyme basketball."

Of course, the only word he said was, "No."

Hey, turns out, it was enough.

........Daddy said, "No." he got ready to go the gym
........for a swim.
........Glad I'm not him.

........No, not really.
........I'm just being silly.
........He went for a run.
........Hope he had fun.
........Look, my favorite show's begun!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

By the way, while in New Orleans, remember those five poems I wrote to Q and asked Leo to please put in the little pink mailbox each day? Well, of course he did not do that. Luckily, Q had already figured out where they were stashed, high on top of our dresser in the bedroom. So the first night when she called me at bedtime, I told her to go ahead and get the stool from the kitchen and take it in there and grab the first note. And that is how Q got her daily poems. She liked them, for the most part. Although, she's also very polite, and wouldn't want to hurt my feelings by telling me they stank, so even if she thought they were awful, she'd probably keep that opinion to herself. As for how Q responded...she enjoyed them, but I had to ask her twice for a poem in return. The one very good result is that she now spells "rhyme" and "answer" correctly, consistently. (She used to spell them ryme and ancer.)

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Here are the award rules:
List 7 things that you love, and then pass the award on to 7 bloggers that you love! Be sure to tag them and let them know that they have won. You can copy the picture of the award and paste it on your sidebar letting the whole world know…you are Kreativ!


Okay, let's see...7 things I love:

1) silly poetry by Ogden Nash, Jack Prelutsky, Shel Silverstein... (any others?)

2) chips-n- salsa (addicted to 'em)

3) Bacco's in New Orleans (okay, now I'm hungry and just focused on food)

4) chocolate/oatmeal/peanut-butter/coconut no-bake cookies
(I can't find the exact link that I printed out years ago and stuck to my frig, but this one is pretty close, and I see that it was posted by somebody called "CM", coincidentally. Hmmmm... was this you, CM?).
These are some seriously ugly-looking cookies, I admit, but they are an absolute favorite of ours and I make a batch almost every week and we all eat them shamelessly.

5) my paycheck!!! (these days, I really, really like it...I wanna hold its hand, even)

6) swing jazz, like "Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby", and I totally LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this cd I picked up in New Orleans at The Court of Two Sisters by the Charlie Fardella group that was playing live while we ate brunch was awesome...and the cd quality is fantastic.

7) These shoes. They're called Clark's Womens Apple Jane Pumps. They are dressy and comfortable. A real win-win. (And if you buy them at Amazon, they're under $40!)


Now for 7 bloggers that I love (...only 7??!?...this is gonna get me in trouble, I aplogies to anyone who is offended one way or the other)

1) Cee at Starting to Melt
2) A Lawyer Mom's Musings at A Lawyer Mom's Musings
3) Shelley at The Menagerie
4) googiebaba over at Mommy on the Floor
5) dgm at sunny side up
6) Hyphen Mama at Mommy Needs 5 Minutes
7) Christie over at My Life - A Work In Progress

I have to also point out the following three bloggers who each comprise their own unique category and who put out consistently great quality stuff that makes me feel like my blog is a pig pen of less-than-average hog slops (or just slightly above hog slop quality):

+ Bea at Finding Equanimity - a visual delight, so clean and crisp and focused
+ Shinyung Oh at Because You Never Know... - some very excellent writing
+ Julie Q. at Mental Tesserae - (I especially love her post Why I Cry)

I'm not including some, like Patois at Whee! All the Way Home, who openly admit to not being jazzed by awards, and Trannyhead, who doesn't need awards to know she's hawt, and CM at Magic Cookie and LL at Lag Liv who are such classics that they rise above the level of award-dom. And of course I love Teasingly Diverse, as well as Random Real Estate at Edge of Treason, plus New Duck and Namby Pamby. Hell, I love my whole damn blog list. I really do.

Whew! That is my first-ever, real-live response to an award. I should get an award for that!


Googie Baba said...

Thanks for the award gudnuff! It was very sweet of you. Right now, I am up to my ears in school, but I will try to pass it along as soon as I can.

A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

Wow. Thank you, kind soul for your unequivocal blog award. Sure, there have been the spawning link-to-me-and-100-other-blogs-or-else awards and even an honorable mention mention. But an unqualified no-questions- asked award? Glory be, glory be. Especially given the timing: I've been writing about the economy, AIG bonuses, and global bailouts -- subjects which appeal to virtually no one, including me.

(If this pops up twice, sorry. Am fudge-fingers on my blackberry)

gudnuff said...

GoogieBaba - you rock. You especially rock for always answering my questions in your comments area.

Lawyer Mom - OMG, your post about Saturn nearly killed me, what with all the laughing so hard I was crying. That is EXACTLY the way things are going over at our house. The science fair project last year at our house was a pre-enactment of your Satrun post. Tragically, hauntingly, hilariously familiar!

Hyphen Mama said...

Oh, you are TOO kind. Especially since I have hardly posted in eons and my posts have been dry as a 27 year old granola bar.

I will do my very best to remember to pass it on... oh, if i only had a brain.

And I love that Q had to serve herself the letters when you were out of town! TOTALLY my husband.

CM said...

I keep thinking about those posts you wrote about the poems exchanged between you and your daughter. From how you write about her, it sounds like she thinks of you as a friend as well as a parent. I love having a toddler, but it will be amazing when we can actually share our thoughts like that (about things other than Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends).

dgm said...

Gudnuff, you're a peach--thank you! I've been horrible about posting lately, but I hope to get back on track this week (later in the week...) It's nice to know someone reads my blog :-)