Thursday, August 27, 2009

I just pulled a muscle answering the phone

Yikes! August is almost GONE and I have only posted once this month so far? Yowza.

I say August doesn't count. In the blogosphere, there are only 11 months in the year.

And yes, I really did just pull a muscle in my back by reaching over to answer the phone. How sad is that.

I've been wallowing less, focusing on work (including housework) more. Things are pretty good.

I even mowed the entire lawn last Saturday!!! Which is a First Time In My Life event. My dad only let my brothers mow the lawn when we were kids, which was the last time I ever even thought about doing such a thing. But marital maintenance includes yard maintenance, it turns out. Who knew! (I do, now. Just call me Gud "Yes, dear" Nuff.)

Anyway, I'm about to go to some social thing and I was wondering: does caffeine help you be more pumped about cocktail party chitchat? Would quickly downing a can of Coke (or Coke Zero) immediately before departing for said socializing event help minimize my butterflies, while I wait for my post-arrival glass of wine to take effect? Just wondering.

Pathetic? Why, yes! Warranted? Yes, again. I want so badly to be the one smoothly working the room. But alas. I am much more inclined to pass the time sitting in a corner quietly evaluating everyone's choice of shoes.


CatrinkaS said...

Diet Coke. Coke jut leaves you the sugar to crash from.

Welcome back.

gudnuff said...

Thanks (re: the Diet Coke)! And thanks (re: the welcome back)!

Turns out I was fine. I saw people I knew. People that are nice. It was a different experience! I loved it.

It's good to be back!!!

Christie-The ChatterBox said...

You are too cute! One post this month, eh? Well now I don't feel as guilty about not commenting on your blog in a while :) Good on ya for mowing the lawn. I don't do lawns. My yard is the size of a postage stamp and I STILL pay someone else to maintain it. Yes, I am pathetic. Not sure about the coke thing...something with a higher octane rating might do the trick!

Patois said...

Definitely save the calories for the wine and do the DC thing.

A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

My mom told my dad that mowing causes varicose veins in women. He totally bought it.

Try the NYT's most 20 emailed articles before your next cocktail party adventure. You'll have lots to talk about.

Hyphen Mama said...

Hey.. I was just thinking about you, wondering if you'd fallen off the planet, or just grown tired of the blogosphere!

Glad to hear the party went well. I get all kinds of freaky before those things, too!

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a good reason not to answer the phone!

i'm a fan of coffee before social chitchat.