Saturday, January 16, 2010

Home Alone and Broken

This three-day-weekend, our little threesome had intentions of being out of town. Moments before we hit the highway, it became apparent that I had some work I could not put off another day. I told Leo I needed to stay home to get my work done, and now here I am. I am home alone, trying to get my work done, while Leo and Q are several hours away by car, enjoying a Daddy-Daughter weekend.

I feel like I'm doing an all-nighter to finish a paper, a common scenario for me during my academic career. If I finish soon, I can get in my car and meet up with them, as inefficent as that seems. They're at a new hotel and have already called to tell me all about it and yes, I suffered stabs of jealousy and self-pity as I listened to Q gush about their room.

My work is boring. My work pays our mortgage, our car loans, the electric bill, etc. I am both grateful and frustrated that I have this job. I am bored out of my mind. In fact, I am broken. I do not work. I do not work right, not the way I used to. But work I must. What a whiney-heiney I am!


Anonymous said...

I have totally been in your position both because of work and because I've been sick. I couldn't go to Thanksgiving because I had the H1N1 flu this year - so my husband took my son and drove to NY (we're in NH) without me for the entire weekend. :(

gudnuff said...

That stinks! Sorry to hear you were sick, especially at Thanksgiving. So not fair! (I have plenty of pity to go around. Take as much as you'd like.) :-)

Sue said...

I would be whiney if I were in your situation too. Hope you got it down quickly and made it to the sweet hotel!

Bea said...

So, what ended up happening? Did you finish and make it down to join in the fun? I hope so.

I'm sorry about work. I know that struggle all too well. I hate my job but it definitely is what's paying most of our bills at the moment. Hang in there. When I have work grumbles, it will remind me to pray for the both of us to feel better and come to some resolution about the situation.