Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I'm better than this (or should be)

I've been naughty and irresponsible. I anonymously posted something on a board somewhere and wow, was it vituperative. I guess that's what happens when you're bored and bitter at work.
Who knew I could get so worked up?

I went after these guys as if they'd spit in my kid's hair. And it's pure jealousy on my part. I admit it. I just wanted to take them down a peg or two.

So this is how my day has gone (drafting catty comments) and where my passions led me. Which is all fine and dandy until my husband or my kid or my mom asks, "How was work today?" and all I can remember is how I went off on somebody on some internet board and how fun it was and how guilty I feel about it now. And how desperate I am to read any follow-up comments! Bring it, baby. I'm ready to rumble, apparently.

My day? Oh. Yeah. It was fine.

Oh nevermind. The snide comments will be deleted by the board's admin before anyone sees them, I'm sure. Which is fine. I really AM better than that.

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gudnuff said...

To clarify: this was a big deal to me because I was battling with ghosts from my past life as a linguist. I didn't just go off on some random blogger for fun. I found a lingustics blog and actually remember some of the people who showed up there and I asked questions about linguistics. Questions about the validity of the field itself. Which felt very naughty to me. How dare anyone challenge the gods of theory? How dare anyone propose a lack of concrete purpose at the core of their work? It was my career angst talking. angst stalking?