Thursday, May 21, 2009

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Wednesday's Thursday, isn't it? Well, anyway...
...I just ordered a copy of my undergrad transcript.
I had no idea, even two hours ago, that I was gonna do that today. Or do that ever again in my life, period.

Hmmmf. Go figure.

Look what else I played around with today:
Amazing what a difference one or two points can make!
And the debt at my local state school is not as high as I've been thinking it'd be.

Hmmmf. Go figure.

There's a major project at work that will kick off soon and there was no way I could keep my paying job AND do a decent job of studying for the June LSAT, so I had to toss the June LSAT goal in the trash can for this year. Today, I dunno, something sorta snapped and suddenly I found myself ordering copies of transcripts and figuring out what kind of minimum score I'd need for the local law school. Not for the June LSAT. Just...for whenever. If ever. Whatever!!!
I'm like an animal who's ready to chew off its paw to free itself.

BTW, I talked to a BigFirm lawyer (Texas for law school, now working there) about a month ago. Here's a picture of us talking:

LagLiv, CM, PBB, dgm...what big teeth you have!


Hyphen Mama said...

Have I asked you one or a million times why law school? How does an IT person decide that law is their one true passion? Or did you really want to do that in the past and have always dreamed of going back to that?

Maybe you've already told that story... in which case, just point me to that post.

I'm just SO curious!

p.s. you totally grabbed me with the name of the post... because my husband is incapable of saying letters without following them with the phonetic alphabet word. I'm actually surprised it hasn't rubbed off on my kids.

gudnuff said...

Hmmmm. I'm glad you asked. I will figure out a good way to answer this. And no, I haven't already told the story.

Short answer is, this is something that started about 2 years ago and I can't seem to shake it. I wish I could shake it, actually. Well, I wish I could keep everything that I am right now, this very minute, and turn the clock back 10 years. That's what I wish.

I want to thank you for asking, Hyphen Mama. Your interest means a lot to me, because it makes it worth my time to force myself to answer the question directly. And answer it I will! Just not at this moment, 'cause I gotta go to the gym right now.

A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

Alpha Bravo Chi Omega! If you want to go to law school, go! If you love to argue, GO. Because that's what law school is all about: reading cases about people who are mad at each other.

Some people are discouraged to try: gee, I'll be 40 when I graduate, or whatever age, they say.

To them, I say, yes, but you're going to hit forty, no matter what. Would you rather be forty without a JD or be forty with one?

Make the best of the years you have left, whatever it is you decide to do. Above all, follow your gut after honest, internal questioning.

Confucius say . . . I should stop spouting now.

Cee said...

ha ha... your posts always are full of entertainment- love the shark thing. Law school is definately nothing to rush into. It will always be there... hope the work project is exciting!