Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm Okay, You're Okay

On my way back from the bathroom just now, while passing someone in the hallway, we traded the obligatory, "Hey! How are you?"

I meekly replied, "I'm okay."

To which she replied, "Just 'okay'?" in a nice way, then added "Gee, I hope it gets better." (also in a nice way).

Which made me decide, hey, okay is pretty good! I'm glad to be okay. Okay is good enough (and gudnuff is okay!).

Then I thought, "In fact, I couldn't be better!" Which made me pause. Really?

No, not really. Can any of us truly say we couldn't be doing better? If your answer is yes (or should it be no? confound these negatively-phrased queries of mine!)...the point is...if you couldn't be doing better, then this is your doesn't get any better than this. Really?

Why not?

And that, dear reader, is my point for today. Okay is good enough. But there is always room for improvement. Which you can work on some other time. Today, I'm okay with being okay.


Cat said...


blognut said...

Okay is way better than NOT okay! :)

A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

Good health is WAY good enough!


Anonymous said...

One of the most disappointing moments in my life was when a college professor pointed out that most people neither care nor expect an answer from "How are you."

However, I've always learned that what you speak is what you get, so absolutely great sounds good to me!

Hyphen Mama said...

Is there a differentiation between good and fine?

Not too hot, not too cold. Luke warm. Good enough.

JD-Maybe said...

Super funny! I always say, "good thanks" then I say, "How are you" as I sprint off and don't give them any time to reply...haha!

Ok is absolutely Gudnuff!