Thursday, July 16, 2009

I'm Spooked, Are You?

A number of things have me running scared lately, such as: The disappearance of nd (noo duuuuck), which lingers like morning fog in the back of my bloggy brain. (so it's blog fog...the fog-like ghosts of blogs past/passed, whatever). The fact that I have told someone from my Real Life the url to this spot. The fact that I posted an easily googleable thing that might actually be looked for by family members which could lead them straight here. I am spooked. I am wondering how hard it is to start over, and how I would go about it.

And I am missing people. I miss Hyphen, even though she's still around, just not as much. And I miss nd. And I miss ambimb. And I'm questioning this whole blogging endeavor, wondering whether it might actually be a mojo-blocker for me work-wise. I'm momentarily paralyzed. Like, movement will catch "their" attention (and by "their" attention, I mean the people that I don't want to find this blog). So, I've been frozen for the past week. And did y'all read A Lawyer Mom's excellent post about blogger liability and not-so-free speech?

Fear sucks.

(Thanks to Hyphen for unsticking me!!!! Muah!)


Hyphen Mama said...

Blogging is a DEFINITE mojo-blocker if you're trying to um... work and make a living!

If you need to pull the plug, it's surprisingly easy. Last week, I went through my posts from day one and copied/pasted them into a word document for future reference (because seriously, I've posted things that I've failed to actually journal about my life in my private journal)... so that if/when I pull the plug (like being found by my brother/MIL) I'll be ready. THEN you can start a new blog, and skip around your favorite haunts and tell people where to find you now.

Did you share your URL with somebody in a moment of touchy-feely-let's-all-share? No? That's just me? Oh darn. I shared my blog with a few friends and it ended up biting me square in the fanny when I blogged about the time my friend's husband cornered me at his house and told me how much he didn't like me and never had. Sh!t happens.

Anonymous said...

I started over in January and, while it was a bit of a pain, it's not that hard. Mine was harder because I had a public blog and went private/anonymous.

That said, if you DO decide to start over and one of your concerns was the searching, know that if you import your posts or keep your URL/blog identity the same or really similar people will still be able to find you. The power of the Google.

That post about blogging liability is really's bookmarked now because I want to give it more thought :)

And I too am sad about the (ohsomysterious) departure of ND.

Anonymous said...

I replied to your comment on my 101 blog with instructions on how to subscribe to the Frenchy Friday Feed! :)

Butterflyfish said...

Instead of pulling blog chalks, I went through the blog and put in "draft" status about half of my published content.

There are options is what I'm saying

Cee said...

blog fog- lol. I am spooked too. It's so sad that our blog universe can be taken away with a little "discovery." RRG. I think I may be careful about the content of what I post- but I don't plan on stopping.

JD-Maybe said...

It's so depressing getting caught. I keep getting caught and now I have lurkers that could get me in big trouble. I hate holding my tongue...Wordpress has a feature where you can password lock certain posts and just like Butterflyfish said you can make them drafts. Ive done that for a lot of posts.