Sunday, July 26, 2009

Save Me, Pandora!

Music, sweet music, is the only thing that will get me away from blogland and onto my feet. I turn to you, Pandora, as the source of my energy and focus. The network will run better on Monday because of you.

Sometimes I wish I had billable hours. Then I'd not be able to get away with this crap, where I come into the office to get work done, and I waste time reading and commenting hither and yon, like there are thirty-eight hours in a day and I can spend four to five of them on the web without consequence.


Ah, the Pandora, she mocks me. She plays "Back on the Chain Gang" to laugh at me, then she plays "Should I Stay or Should I Go" to mock my pain on so many levels (should I just leave the office now and go home for dinner (Leo has already called for a status check), should I leave this profession, should I quit blogging, etc.). Pandora...she's a cruel mistress.


Elmer said...

If it's any consolation, I too have to work today. And I too am wasting time in blogland.

Doesn't feel like the billable hours are helping me out much, I just haven't gotten around to starting to bill...

gudnuff said...

Elmer - I love your post about your niece's visit. LOVED IT! Will comment directly on said post when my work is done (sometime in 2011).

Hyphen Mama said...

OMG!! How do I love thee?

I listen to Pandora EVERY SINGLE DAY. I've got my speakers blaring Beyonce right this very minute.

On Tuesday, I shared my Pandora secret with my brother who is now inlove, too!!

My only complaint is that when I need to hear that ONE song in my head, it's never playing. I have to go to youtube for that.

Tell me...what are your stations?

Christie-The ChatterBox said...

LOL! This post is too cute and I completely know the feeling well! Sometimes music just speaks to you, right? What you want to hear (or not) and sometimes what you need to hear! That is usually what happens to me.