Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bloggers Anonymous

"Hi, everybody. I'm gudnuff, and I'm an addicted blogger."

[Crowded room, smoke hanging in the air from all the cigarettes hanging from the corner of each person's mouth, every metal folding chair occupied, room responds, "Hi gudnuff!"]

How many of you have blown off a committment in order to play around with your blog template?

@#$#@R%$! I said, "I'm going to embrace the networking opportunities inherent in the world of IT. I'm going to a user group meeting tonight."

Well, the darn thing started an hour ago, and yet here I sit.


I'm just gonna go home and tell my husband it was cancelled for lack of attendance. "I can't believe I drove ALL the way over there! What a pain! Plus it's freezing outside." Are you buying it?

So, hey...do you like the new template?

1 comment:

PT-LawMom said...

I like it! Only comment would be that the text is a bit small (but then again I am blind and you will be too after 1.5 years in law school!)

I have soooo done what you did. LOL. Not antisocial, just committed. :)