Sunday, November 16, 2008

work/life balance applies to ALL of us, not just LAWL of us

[This is in response to some of the comments people posted to the interview from of Barry Landsberg, Partner, Manatt Phelps. But, like most of what I'm finding online, it was over with a long while ago and I'm sure no one will read my comment, so I'm repeating it here, which also will prove inconsequential because no one's reading this.]

As someone completely outside the field of law, I can only say that working long hours goes into being a success in any field. Why do people get so crazy angry about that part? I work as part of a team, and the one guy on the team (not me) who answers his phone WHENEVER it rings, nights, weekends, in the middle of the airport, or even in the middle of a meeting, is the guy that everybody wants working for them. He is the #1 choice. Why? Because he has no kids and his ego depends entirely on feeling like everyone's hero, so he makes himself available 7 days a week, and guess what? He is everyone's hero. It's not rocket science. You work hard, it shows. I don't work as hard as him, but I have a family and other committments and people call me only if Guy #1 is unavailable (which occasionally happens), and they hope I'll work magic like him, and sometimes I do, but really, he is the one they want. And that hurts a little, but at the same time, so what. I get what I deserve, including family time, and he gets what he deserves, including the admiration and respect of his peers.

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