Friday, November 14, 2008


Welcome. I have finally hit some magical moment of critical mass and done this thing, this blog thing, this unoriginal, everybody's-doing-it thing. Ta da!!!

I have CM to thank. Two lawyers, of all possible incentives, have reached my suppressed ambitions and jostled my creative embers. Anyway, I can't believe I'm here, but here I am. Would Prufrock be proud or chagrined? Whatever. I'm here.

I want to sing the praises of CM and my-other-local-shero. They have both shown that you can be human and be a lawyer. And each is a mommy, so there's that little morsel of awesomeness. Today the glass is half-full.

from: The inevitable call of civilization and its demands brings him back: “human voices wake us and we drown.” He may have well said: “I had to shit and realized I am not a God.”

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