Sunday, June 7, 2009

Party Over Heeyah

I have survived another birthday party for Q. I am exhausted. It was fun. It was hectic. It was a slumber party. Keeping the number of guests to a minimum helped. My proudest moment was when she burped "Mary Had A Little Lamb" for the enjoyment of her guests. Such class.

Post-party, Leo's cleanliness habit kicked into full swing, and he guided all three of us through an exhausting purge session of all of her toys, gadgits, gizmos and accessories. We filled a trash bag with, um, trash basically, and we have two piles of things for Good Will, and a LOT more closet space now. Leo is very disciplined about getting Q into the habit of purging at Christmas and birthdays. If she gets a present, she must make a home for it, which usually involves removing an older object.

Pre-party, I cleaned the back porch, which never ended up being used or really even seen by most of the guests. But I worked up a fantastic sweat cleaning it, had to take a couple of breaks, used about an entire roll of paper towels and have conquered mold and mildew and cat hair.

We are enjoying our house even more now. Again, it's all about the discipline. For me, that usually requires inviting someone over before I find the necessary motivation.

I'm too tired to make this post interesting or funny. And tomorrow is going to be a challenge. Work Husband is in town. I gotta get some rest, 'cause having him in town is never very pleasant after the first hour. And nobody at work is gonna give an iota of empathy about the fact that I cleaned and cooked and hosted and sweated and fretted at an intense level all weekend long. This is where it really truly feels like I'm working two jobs and wonder how a day off might ever be possible. I just thank god that Leo is here to help me. Without him, I would be looking at one crazy mess of a house right now.


CatrinkaS said...

I looked at my porch ceiling during cookout #1 on Saturday and thought, "damn. Wish I had swept for cobwebs." Looked at same porch ceiling during cookout #2 on Sunday and thought "damn. Wish I had swept for cobwebs." Tomorrow I will, after I put away the folding chairs added to the porch to accommodate guests... that rare breed I fear but welcomed...

If you hadn't cleaned that back porch, it would've been used. Of course.

gudnuff said...

Hahahaha! Absolutely correct, it would have been used. Thanks for the smile!

dgm said...

We've been entertaining more this year, and I'm happy to report that the house is much cleaner for it. We've recruited the children to help as well, giving them their checklists of things to do, and it all hums along marvelously. So much nicer than when only one or two of us were doing the cleaning. Children are wonderful little labor units.

Hyphen Mama said...

Aren't you glad you did it, though? Memories and fun times.

I keep thinking that I need to have a party so I'll get an adrenaline rush to clean my house. It might have to wait 'til Mack's 3rd birthday in August.