Thursday, December 4, 2008


So I blog that I've lost 50 pounds, and nobody notices.

.........Well, nobody comments...

...................................(...which is the same thing...)

I'm outting myself as being blog-dependent. This not good. This baaad thing.

But it will not cause me to reach for something chewy tonight (cookies...magic cookies...crumbly chocolatey cookies...mmmm). No it will not. I will just chew my mint gum very deliberately and catch up on my DVR watching. And go to bed early. And NOT check my blog.

And I will weigh myself in the morning and be down a little more and I will smile.

And for a moment, I will not think about my blog.

Everyone's busy. It's all good. I don't need comments to feel happy. I just need gum.


Trannyhead said...

Umm ... congratulations?! (If somewhat tardy, still heart-felt?)

PT-LawMom said...

Congratulations! 50lbs is a lot. You must be feeling great. :)

gudnuff said...

Having never done crack cocaine, I am quick to compare things to it's supposed ecstasy and addictive, THANKS guys, your comments are better than crack! I am so ridiculously addicted to this...this...HABIT of blog reading and blog writing and blog commenting...and seeing your comments on a post that really doesn't deserve any - other than from a sense of compassion for my outright begging - makes me almost giddy...jeesh...I'm jabbering on like a small town 12-year-old at the mall on a Friday night. I just want to say, "Thank you!"

And yes, 50 pounds IS a lot. I saw someone today who hadn't seen my in a while and she came over and gave me a hug and said, "Wow! You have lost a TON of weight!!! Oh...I mean...that was rude, I'm sorry...but you look great!" And I assured her that yes, I had indeed lost a lot and it was fine to say so. It would kinda suck if nobody noticed, after all.

So thanks for commenting, and therefore noticing, and yes, I feel great. Can't stop looking at catalogs. Dangerous side-effect.

Shelley said...

I would settle for just losing 20! 50 is a huge accomplishment!

Hyphen Mama said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I've been working on 10 lbs (of the 25 I needed to lose) and it's been OMG so hard. I've been on the treadmill twice a day... and I SOOOOOOOOOOOO understand chomping the gum (today's is sassy watermelon or some such thing)and getting on the scale first thing in the morning and HOPING it's all paid off in the end. Each morning it's down a little more. I got down 10 lbs and my husband didn't even notice. I had to fish a compliment out of him.

50... wow, that is so awesome! Is that your goal, or are you going to keep going?

p.s. Thanks for visiting my site. Come back soon.