Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I am so hawt

I came really, REALLY close to not going yesterday.

Amazing, no?

Having enumerated my reasons, and with the visual imprint of my blog post emblazoned on the inside of my eyelids...well...I just had to go through with it.

There were so many people that the crowd spilled out onto the sidewalk, with drinks in their hands, some with silly holiday hats on, everyone with a name tag stuck to them.

I parked around the corner in an inconspicuous spot. I finished putting my makeup on. I called my husband for a last-minute shot-in-the-arm boost of confidence. I needed him to say, "...'atta girl! Go get 'em! You're great!"

Him: Yeah?
Me: Hey...I'm still in the car. I need you to tell me I'll be great and to go in there and it'll be fun and I have nothing to worry about 'cause I rock. You know, go get 'em, you're the best, rah rah, something along those lines.
Him: Wha...?
Me: I suddenly have cold feet and I need you to cheer me on. I hate walking into these things alone. Just tell me I'm awesome or something.
Him: (barely intelligible) you're-awesome-or-something-or-whatever-you-said
Me: yeah, okay, whatever, thanks.

So I hung up and got out of the car and walked around the corner, through the crowd into the event. Signed a bunch of sign-in sheets. Met the executive director. Talked to the main person I wanted to talk to, made sure she knew I had attended. Met another board member, got his business card. Ate and drank nothing. Left early.

One thing I know: events such as that are why the flask was invented. For people like me.


gudnuff said...

So, if you're not good at these things, does it show? And is it better to stay home than to let them see you sweat?

CM said...

I'm the same way. It takes a lot for me to work a room. Sometimes I can force myself to do it, otherwise I do exactly what you did and feel crappy about it.

(Hmmm... maybe that's why we both ended up in software/IT.)

Eh. We'll get better if we keep trying, right?

Kel said...

I hate these events too. I'm with CM, it takes a lot for me to be able to work a room. I never feel like I have much to say or even know what to say at times.