Saturday, December 27, 2008

Obaba's assistance requested

So much to say on the Christmas-front, but under the gun at the moment, so I'll just come right out and ask and hoping maybe the Christmas spirit is still afloat in the blogosphere:

Please, what's the best dvd-to-mp3 ripper out there (for windows)?

I need to figure this out. I've already tried 4 of them (the free ones), and all are less-than-pleasant to deal with. I'm embarrassed to have to ask. But I'm getting annoyed. I've got my visa in my hot little hand, if necessary (in other words, I'm willing to download and "register" a non-free ripper, if necessary...maybe that's the only way to find satisfaction...just don't know which one to take a chance on). Email is fine, if you prefer. The bugger of the thing is that I don't want an entire chapter, I just want one song, in the middle of a chapter.

I'm trying to be clever AND somebody's hero. It's not going so well.

Is Obaba available for a consult?

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