Saturday, December 27, 2008

Pass the Milk, Please

I've settled on for the time being. It was soooo slow, initially. Then it decided to do my bidding, and since all I needed was one song, I met the 3-minute maximum for free usage. Still hoping for some consumer feedback from somebody, though. Here's mine: seems to be acceptable. It might behave better once you pay the $20 for the full, registered version.

About to relieve my cabin fever by taking my daughter and another 8-year-old roller skating. Probaby going to fall on my toosh. Might get a sweat going. It'll feel good to burn off some of the calorie-dense decadence of the past few days.

Here's what got me so desperate to burn an mp3: songs from the Scrooge soundtrack, specifically "I Like Life" and "Thank You Very Much". I've been humming those every Christmas for years. And am very pleased to have passed my passion to my daughter, who was dancing and clapping to them earlier with me. Makes me want to try harder. Be better. Nicer. Happier. I, too, want to drink the Milk of Human Kindness, and pass the cup on to others.

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