Saturday, January 10, 2009

For future development

Sorry if this is tacky, but I'm sick of running out of time to post various posts/thoughts/queries. Hence, a quick list that I intend to come back to asap (where p= who the heck knows) to fully flesh out in their entirety when time permits (insert laughter).

My daughter is a stalker (shudder)

Musical heirs

I rock as a mom (scored a playdate with stalker victim)

All guys named Tim suck (re: Tim Ferriss article by Penelope)

Marriage vs. motherhood re: hardest job going (my vote is for marriage, but the massive number of variables makes this a less interesting question, more of a moot question)

Going to beat my kid if she doesn't start taking school a whole lot more seriously...and buy her a pony if she does (the ol' carrot vs. stick dilemma)

New Year's Resolution: I resolutely refuse to apologize in 2009. To anybody. For anything.

Friends of my daughter who have older brothers = an unfair advantage? disadvantage?

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