Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What type of lawyer are you?

In my continuing quest to learn more about the legal profession and what it's like to do that as your day job, I stumbled upon the list of categories below. I wonder how many people truly think about what their career as a lawyer will be when they decide to go this route (i.e. law school). From what I can tell, it seems like most of it happens by accident. Maybe the type of law you practice is much less important than the role you play within that category? I dunno. My boss's daughter graduated from law school a couple of years ago and she's doing insurance defense, but with an eye toward being an elected official, a goal she had claimed for herself before she even entered law school. So I wonder what insurance defense has to do with being a public servant (i.e. governor some day).

So, where does Insurance Defense fit in the following categories? Insurance law or Business law?

Accident Law
Auto Accidents
Aquatic Water
Bus Train
Construction Accidents
Slips Falls
Traumatic Brain Injury
Wrongful Death

Admiralty Maritime
Boating Injury
Cruise Line
Maritime Contracts
Maritime Worker Injury
Salvage And Treasure

Aviation Law
Commercial Airlines
Non Commercial Airlines

Bankruptcy Law
Business Bankruptcy
Consumer Bankruptcy
Credit Problems
Creditor Rights

Business Law
Franchise Law
Starting A Business
Trade Regulation

Criminal Law
Arrests And Searches
Drug Crimes
Drunk Driving
Parole Probation
Violent Crimes
White Collar Crimes
Juvenile Law

Employment Labor Law
Job Discrimination
Insurance / Retirement / Benefits
Sexual Harassment
Wage & Hour
Workers Comp

Estate Planning
Asset Protection
Elder Law
Living Wills / Power of Attorney

Family Law
Adoption Law
Child Custody
Child Support
Divorce Law
Domestic Violence
Pre Marital Agreement
Spousal Support

Financial Law
Banking Law
Broker Disputes
Commodities Law
Investment Terms
Raising Capital
Securities Law

General Practice
Contract Law
Legal Remedies
Lemon Law
Suing Being Sued
Traffic Law

Government Law
Civil Rights Law ADA
Education Law
Military Law
Public Contracts
Social Security Law

Immigration Law
Permanent Residents
Student Visas
Tourist Visas
Work Visas

Insurance Law
Auto Insurance
Business Insurance
Long Term Care
Disability Insurance
Health Insurance
Insurers Bad Faith
Life Insurance Law
Property Insurance

Intellectual Property
Communications Law
Computer Law
Music Law
Copyright Law
Patent Law
Trade Secrets
Trademark Law

Civil Law Suits
Class Actions

Personal Injury
Defective Products
Drug-Toxic Chemicals
Libel And Slander
Malpractice Law
Property Damage
Structured Settlements

Real Estate Law
Agricultural Law
Buy Sell A Home
Commercial Real Estate
Landlord Tenant
Mortgage Matters

Tax Law
Corporate Tax Law
Estate Tax Law
Gift Tax Law
Income Tax Law
Property Tax Law
Tax Enforcement

Small Claims

I found these categorizations at http://www.freeadvice.com/all_topics.php

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