Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lag Liv beat me to it

Lag Liv beat me to it, but a good idea is a good idea and so, I also present you the list of 25 random things about myself. There are probably a lot of people on Facebook who are tagging people or got tagged with this since each taggee is supposed to turn around and tag another 25 people. I'm not surprised it's showing up in the blogs. I mean, LL is right: why not use it for a blog post? Posting it here is kind of a no-brainer, especially since I can post this anonymously here. I can't think of 25 banal things that would be acceptable for real-life posting on Facebook that would be worth writing or worth reading. This list is fairly tame, but still, there are one or two facts that I'm not sure I want the mothers from the Girl Scout troop to know, you know? And so I post it here, on my Faceless Book.

1) I learned how to say "whilst" instead of "while" by watching Super Nanny.

2) I always chat with whoever cuts my hair and I never enjoy the conversation.

3) Of my two cats, my favorite one is Nibbles because she yells at me the most.

4) My 8 year old daughter has already outperformed me athletically because she scored a goal in soccer last Thursday and I have never scored a goal in soccer.

5) When I was 4, I performed a double flip off the high-dive at the YMCA for a watching crowd. I remember the applause. I remember psyching myself up to not be scared and I wasn't scared. I just did it.

6) I have kissed the Blarney Stone at Blarney Castle near Cork, Ireland. (After I kissed it, someone told me local teenagers often sneak out to the castle at night and pee on it.)

7) I have been to Liberia, Ireland, Italy, France, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

8) The last time I left the United States was over twenty years ago.

9) I double-majored in French and Linguistics and used to speak French pretty well, especially after spending time there. I haven't spoken about twenty years.

10) I was an overnight guest at a private residence of a French ambassador and his wife inside the walls of Mont St. Michelle. They took me home with them from the train station because I had nowhere else to go.

11) I spent the night in "The Tumbleweed Hotel" at Shakespeare and Company in Paris and the proprietor, George Whitman, kissed me good night on the lips. He was like 70 years old. Blech.

12) I am the youngest of three children and the only girl.

13) I have always been compelled to prove that girls can do whatever boys can do.

14) I played soccer and lacrosse in high school, and the trumpet and piano.

15) My mother says I was always smiling as a child and wonders what happened (it's called hormones, mom).

16) My parents grew up in the same town and have been happily married for over 50 years.

17) I met my husband online.

18) We've been married for over 9 years and although we were married by a Presbyterian minister, we don't go to church (other than holidays) and our daughter has never been baptised.

19) I told my Women Studies professor in college that I never wanted to be a mother because mothers all seem a little crazy.

20) The proudest moment of my life was when my daughter first latched on to breast feed, on the day she was born. I'll never forget that moment. (Is that a little crazy?)

21) Last October, I flew to Washington, DC and walked 60 miles in the 3 Day Walk to fight breast cancer in support of the Susan G. Komen for The Cure campaign. I was on a team of other women techies.

22) I started work on a Ph.D. and left the program at the end of the first year, about 14 years ago. I've been in the IT field ever since.

23) I cringe inside whenever I hear the term "techie" applied to me (even if it's me saying it). I actually wince in discomfort.

24) I talk on the phone at least once a week with my best friend from high school who has dual citizenship with the United Sates and Liberia and now lives in Brooklyn. (She scored many goals in soccer!)

25) I wear the same pair of shoes to work almost every day until they are visibly worn down then I throw them away.


Cee said...

i love reading these! you've done a lot of interesting things!

gudnuff said...

Cee, maybe its my Saturday night glas of wine talking here, but I love you! Thank you for your support (I bet you've never heard of Bartles and Jaymes, have you?)

gudnuff said...

glassssssssssssssssssss of wine (hiccup)

Patois said...

I happen to do the same thing as you when it comes to getting my haircut.

I'm trying to think of what you wouldn't want real-life people to know. But I like your "Faceless" reference.

Trannyhead said...

Ok, I LOATHE the awkward hair dresser conversations. SO annoying. Why can't they just cut and not talk? Mine got into this big talk about her hoo-ha and how messed up it was after she birthed babies with me and I was all "wtf?"

And mother are crazy, but if it makes you feel any better, I remember when my son latched on, right, too. I was like "Oh! So THAT'S what it's supposed to feel like." And later I was all "OW! WTF?! THIS HURTS?!"

PT-LawMom said...

Awesome list. Very cool!

Hyphen Mama said...

#10 is on my list of things I MUST DO before I die (well, maybe minus the ambassador and his wife). I used to have a 2' x 3' poster of Mont St Michel and fantasize about being RIGHT THERE.

Great list.

LL said...

Hehe I'm suck a trendsetter :) They're fun to read though aren't they?!

Anonymous said...

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