Sunday, February 1, 2009

Jokes Only a Parent Would Love

This is why my husband hates it when my family gets together. We're all like "Did you hear the one about..." This is also why my husband is so much cooler than I will ever be.

Nevertheless, some of you have children who will eventually approach the age of joke-telling, and it is a very challenging time for parents, because kids have no idea why things are funny (much like a lot of bloggers, myself included) but want to make everyone listen to them and laugh regardless of whether the content deserves an audience or not. So they tell "jokes" that go nowhere and make no sense. Here are two that have lasted.

What's brown and sticky? ...a Stick !
(I love that one for some reason)

The punchline is there, but it's in white font. If you want to see it, highlight the entire line.

Person A: Knock, knock.

Person B: Who's there?

Person A: The interrupting cow.

Person B: The interrupt...

Person A: Mooooooooooooo! (you have to say it fast before the other person finishes asking "The interrupting cow WHO?")


gudnuff said...

I hopped up and posted this because I don't want to forget these two. And because my daughter just patronizingly patted me on the arm and said, "It's time to retire the stick joke." Wha?

Wouldn't that be a great blog title? "What's brown and sticky?"

I'm the only one who thinks that's funny, aren't I? That is so sad.

Butterflyfish said...

Interrupting cow is one of my favorite knock knocks

gudnuff said...

Butterflyfish - oooh, if you have any others that you feel match the bliss of the interrupting cow or the deep profundity of the sticky brown stick, I'd love to hear 'em!

Trannyhead said...

I'm glad that stick joke didn't go where I thought it was going ... *snort*

Patois said...

Never heard a better knock-knock joke than interrupting cow. Never.

And, yeah, you might be one of the very few rolling with laughter with "brown and sticky."

Cee said...

at least they make sense! the kids I babysat would be like

Knock knock.
It's Peanut.
Peanut who?
Peanut butter.

Knock knock
It's purple.
purple who?
purples fairy.


gudnuff said...

Tranny - I would NEVER...really

OK - major nerd/dork ALERT:

Patois - it's not the "brown and" part that gets me. The linguist in me is truly fascinated and charmed by adding the -y to the noun to produce the adjective form, only to get something that is so far from describing the quality of the noun-stem. Contrast it to "gooey" which stems from the noun "goo" plus "y" (ignoring orthographical necessities such as the extra "e"). Gooey means having the quality of goo, being like the thing we call goo (not an action called goo). But sticky? I mean, it SO should mean having stick-like qualities, like a stick. Like the NOUN stick. But it violates the rule and instead refers to the quality of the verb "to stick" , the way tape sticks, for example. Oh I am such a word nerd. I'm nerdy. And that is why this one goes on my list. Because I'm a softy when it comes to wordy nuances. Patois, I bet you could do this so, so much better than I. I am so lame.

Cee - yep, exactly, they have no idea what's funny or why, which makes the good ones worth holding onto. And you have to be all, "Ha ha ha that's funny. I liked your joke." while secretly cussing them out.

gudnuff said...

Yeah, I know, if you have to explain it, it's not funny. Which it isn't, to most folks. I wonder if linguists as a group are more inclined to be amused by it than the general population is? Or am I a freak among freaks? Obviously there is cause for concern here. But at least the cause is not due to some bathroom humor fixation. That part doesn't interest me at all. Really. ahem.

Hyphen Mama said...

I love the sticky one!

And I love your analysis of the linguistics even more!