Thursday, April 2, 2009

Back and Blue

As we drove farther and farther away from Disney this afternoon, my daughter cried for almost twenty minutes with tears dripping off her chin. Poor Q! (In her defense, we had told her we would go into the park and ride some rides before leaving, but our plans changed, so that was a bitter disappointment for an 8-year-old to accept AND we had also told her that maybe we would stay an extra night, but that didn't work out either, so she was dealing with a double does of disappointment.) And in part it's because she's an only child and has nothing to distract her from such moments. These moments make being an only child more of a burden than a privilege.

She said she was sad because she was remembering the fun we had. She looked at me with her watery eyes and specifically mentioned the memory of me jumping up and down on the Delete key as one of the fun moments.

Aaaaahhhh! That is so cool! And, I hope, the life lesson I was trying to impart took hold as deeply as the memory of her mommy being silly.

There was a giant cement keyboard on the ground, and as we were walking past it, I was fondly calling out some of the keys, remembering times when they played a significant role in my life (like the F1 key for Help or the F2 key to get to the system menu...things I don't use anymore, but I can remember when they mattered to me...not that she'd care about any of that). We were almost to the end of it when I saw the "Del" square, and I just HAD to jump on it. I jumped up and down on it and called out "Delete! Delete! Delete! I LOVE the delete key!"

As I was jumping up and down, probably embarrassing my husband, I was mostly thinking about an earlier post wherein I cited things I was grateful for, and the delete key - and sometimes knowing when to use it - had definitely scored a place on that list. (Such thoughts aren't uncommon. I think about blogging a lot throughout the day. Remembering things I've written can really help me do the right thing - like unpack my suitcase! - or feel grateful for delete keys.) So yeah, if you were there and you saw some crazy lady jumping up and down on the giant keyboard, that was me.

So of course Q asked, "Why do you like the delete key?" as we continued on our way toward the elevators.

And I said, "Well, sometimes you know, you're typing something to somebody, maybe sending them an email, and you're all like, 'I hate it when you do that and if you ever do that again I'm gonna be so mad and your hair looks crazy and I can't believe you told Ryan I think he's cute...' and then before you send that email, guess what? You can hit the delete key! Just hit that old delete key...delete, delete, delete...the delete key is awesome! It's like a great friend who stops you from saying stuff you probably shouldn't say and maybe hurting someone's feelings. I love the delete key."

And that was one of the fun memories she told me about the next day. What a great moment for me. I'm all happy about that.

Then she gradually cheered up and told me that she realized that it was fun because we brought the fun with us. And Daddy said we could all go see Monsters vs. Aliens the next day when we were back home, and that helped cheer her up too. Then she put her headphones on and started watching dvd's on her laptop and all was right with our little family for the rest of the ride home.

We're back, and she's still a little blue about it. She's having a hard time transitioning from all of us sleeping together in the same room while at Disney to being back at home, where she is banished to the other side of the house all by herself when bedtime comes along. So, I'm gonna go lie down with her. For tonight, anyway. Just until she's asleep.

(P.S. I saw a sweater for sale there for $540. WTF???? Imagine buying it, and then having your cat piss on it...OMG...)


Cee said...

you are so funny- I love the delete key too! In fact i need to remember to be thankful for it during this year's thanksgiving day.

i remember leaving disney as a kid- that is always hard! But don't worry- Q will look back on this trip and remember only the fun parts!

what the heck made that sweater so expensive??

Hyphen Mama said...

What a great euphemism! I love when little opportunities come up and you can make a lesson out of them.

I have to tell you that today I was on a mission to help Wynnie cope with her dad moving to NM (we aren't really using those words, but she's smart and has figured out that when furniture is disassembled and loaded into a truck that means somebody's lying about not moving). ANYWAY, I was thinking that I'd have Mr Hyphen do a version of what you and Q do with the mailbox. Although, he might have to really mail his letters. But I think I'll have him try to send her at least a few post cards each week. He used to do that years ago when she was a baby... she doesn't remember it, so it'll be new and exciting for her. Thanks for the idea.

gudnuff said...

Cee - Love the fact that you're already on the lookout for what to mention at Thanksgiving! Awesome! As for the sweater...I dunno. It was a beautiful sweater, with like a super-soft inner sweater liner thing, but still...I think they just don't want it to leave the store, ever.

Hyphen-Mama - Wynnie will love getting notes from Daddy! That's a bit of a silver lining, but maybe not enough of one. What about videos? Do you have a video camera on your laptop? Q enjoys making little 5-second videos and emailing them to the one or two other 8-year-old friends she has email access to. They have to be super-short, though, otherwise they are way too large for email.

newduck said...

I don't care if the damn sweater was made of gold - $540 on sale?!!?!?!? What the hell did it cost before it went on "sale"?

Mama Dawg said...

Delete keys, cat urine, expensive sweaters and Disney all in one post.

I think I love you.