Friday, April 3, 2009

Things I've accomplished recently

I finally finished Obama's first book Dreams from My Father. It took me forever to read it. I actually finished it last Sunday, before we left for Disney.

Again I ask: how do you people make time for reading??!?

Thoughts on the book: so much to say about race. Mostly, I came away feeling resigned. I am one of the multitude of White People, the nameless, faceless throng enjoying our white privilege. I cannot be seen as an individual, much less heard, or have much validity in a conversation between myself and a non-white about race. Little of what this white, middle-class working mom has to offer would bear any weight.

I guess it bugs me that my white liberal guilt is meaningless. But it's pretty much all I have to offer. Which is pretty close to offering nothing.

Besides my vote, of course. I can contribute to change in a nameless, faceless way by voting for it, choosing it, supporting it, sending in money to make it happen. But that doesn't change how whites and non-whites interact at my job, to be specific. It's disheartening. I feel like I'm on the team, but barely tolerated as a water/towel girl or something. My support is still overshadowed by my color, or lack of color, to be accurate.

As for other accomplishments: I am making progress at work. I've started some research and am gaining momentum on a major project, so that is huge. Looking forward to this coming week. What a shocker! So, that's good news. Feels like I'm waking up from a long stupor.

And....I have unpacked my suitcase!!! Wahoooo!


Anonymous said...

I have to ask you: How did you find time to unpack your suitcase?! That's the question! Whenever I have come back from a vacation, it usually takes me around a month to get unpacked.

As for the reading, I'm definitely a reader - I read before bed and when I'm exercising.

I loved President Obama's memoirs, but it also made me feel guilty about my white guilt (hrm.). I felt guilty, almost, for wanting to be supportive of other humans, if that's possible.

Anonymous said...

I echo the suitcase bit! I got back from a trip like 2 weeks ago and I STILL haven't unpacked. Ugh.

I don't read as much as I want to read. At least, I don't read things that aren't textbooks as much as I would like.

I read Obama's first book right after it came out but I can't remember my reaction to it. I have The Audacity of Hope on my bookshelf, but I never finished it. Maybe I should try again...

(and thank you for your encouraging comment on my post! I really appreciate it!)

Hyphen Mama said...

Good for you getting your suitcase unpacked in short order!!

Mama Dawg said...

I know you're unpacked, but is the suitcase put away? That's the more important question here.

If it was me, the suitcase would still be open on the floor the next time a trip to Disney rolled around.

A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

Guilt has never been a productive thing, at least for me. And I don't think the "reverse guilt" tactic (e.g., when Eric Holder declared us a nation of cowards) is particularly helpful either.

Just keep on keeping on in your inimitable, egalitarian style.