Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Where is Generation Z?

As April, my beloved birthday month, draws to a close, I am a year older and my tag needs to be renewed. But what I really want to talk about is:

Did you know Gen Xers are old enough to have kids, and did you know that Gen Yers are old enough to be out of college and working in an office where they are annoyed by Gen Xers having kids? According to Penelope Trunk (whom I seem to like a lot lately), "Here’s something Gen Y really hates: when Gen Xers bolt out the door early to deal with their kids."

Funny how the people most annoyed by kid-related-issues-interfering-with-work seem to be those people closest to being kids themselves. Until they get pregnant. Yeah. Cosmic justice, baby.


Trannyhead said...

I had this boss when I worked at a law firm who would be ENRAGED when his secretary had to go home to deal with her two kids if they got sick or whatever. It was so annoying to me because it's not like she could help it - both parents worked. He had kids, though, but his wife stays at home so she could deal with any illnesses/driving around/etc. I just thought it was so annoying. Not everybody has that luxury.

*end rant*

blognut said...

I hear ya'! Bunch of freakin' brats!

CatrinkaS said...

I don't remember caring what other people did before I had kids - or maybe I only worked with other hung over twenty-somethings? Hard to say. We all ran ourselves down to nubs and got very worked up about inconsequential things. Lots of aggressively hurt feelings then.

And THAT I find annoying now.

I do remember, back in a corporate job after my second and working with a different pack of 20-somethings, being struck by how much better a mom was because I worked / how much better a worker I was because I mommed. Suddenly it all balanced out a little better - and I wasn't so... crazy.

Hyphen Mama said...

hahaha!!! That is so funny. Cosmic justice!

dgm said...

There's been a law student bringing her baby into the clinic offices lately, I assume because her normal childcare isn't available. You wouldn't believe how this outrages the other (mostly nonmarried, all nonparents) students. And yet no one batted an eye when another student brought her dog in. Her barking, peeing dog. I'm definitely more annoyed by the dog.

A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

I hold out little hope for these unsympathetic whiners, I mean Y-ers.