Saturday, April 11, 2009

Such sad news, such loss, so much to process

What in the world was going on last Thursday?

I was not familiar with Maddie Spohr prior to Thursday. I can’t seem to find out what happened other than that this little almost-2-year-old girl died. Was she sick? Was she murdered? Did she suffer from a known condition? How unexpected was it? (The Spohr web site is hard to reach due to the high volume of traffic it's receiving.)

These questions are on my mind because a little boy died on Thursday in our town. He was 9 years old, in the 4th grade. He goes to, no, he went to my daughter's school. He had a known heart condition. Everything was going as normal on Thursday, a typical day. At some point Thursday morning, he fainted/passed out at his desk. The teacher performed CPR, in front of the rest of the class. He did not regain consciousness. They called an ambulance. He got to the hospital and died shortly after he arrived there.

He was fine in the morning, went to school like any other day, was dead by 2pm.

I don't know his name. They aren't releasing it. My daughter didn't know him directly. Every parent of a student at that school on Thursday received automated phone calls to our cell phones and to our home phones. We received emails. The local paper gave out breaking news updates every two hours. It was shocking. It was unexpected. It was very, very sad.

What happened to Maddie? Not that it matters, ultimately. But in a way, knowing the circumstances leading up to the death helps us put it in broader perspective. Thanks.


AMomTwoBoys said...

Thank you for posting asking about Maddie.

It has been a devastating week for Heather, Mike, their family and friends.

Since I see you are asking questions about who Madeline is and what happened to her, please feel free to visit these sites. They also contain information on how to make donations in Maddie's memory.

I'm sorry to hear about the little boy from your daughter's school. We, sadly, understand how tragic it is.

Hyphen Mama said...

I just ran into this last night. I'd never heard of Maddie up until that point. I clicked and clicked and googled and could NOT find the reason she passed away so quickly. I had the same questions you did. I FINALLY after waiting and waiting got onto her mom's site (now called something like rememberingmaddie ????) and it said she'd had a cough on Saturday, then a fever and quick breathing so they'd taken her to her dr who had them go to the ER, where they were discussing putting her on a ventilator. Then, the next post was by Heather's friend (maybe the woman who commented here first) that she had passed suddenly.

I think she was born premature so had some known preemie issues, but her passing was NOT expected and was not due to something they'd been watching.

I, too, was devastated just reading it. How tragic for her parents. When I was growing up, we lived in a small town of about 1200. Almost every year in school, we'd lost a child from my own grade or a few years older or younger. It happens, but it does not make the sadness any less.

Christie-A Work In Progress said...

When sudden tragedy hits...and hits close to home (or even your heart) it definitely makes you think of your own children and just how precious life really is. So sorry to hear about the boy at your daughter's school and our hearts are with his family as well as Maddie's.

Trannyhead said...

I'm still confused. I got all the same info that Hyphen did, but I think they don't really have any info yet, either. It's a terrible tragedy, that's for sure.