Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Semi-Hawt, Semi-Nawt-Maintenance Men

This post is brought to you by Blognut. OK, that's untrue, because it's still me (gudnuff), but I owe the impetus for actually posting these pictures to Blognut, who just may or may not post her own picture of her own version of a semi-hawt maintenance man on her own blog. Now, I'm not sayin' these are some hawt pics. I'm just sayin', check out my maintenance man's interesting use of technology.

This guy has a cute face, but it's not visible in these pics. This is how he spends his days:

He is not a Maintenance Man in the facilities-management kind of way. He is a phone/telecommunications tech. I took these pictures on the sly when we had a T1 line go dead about a month ago. People called up saying their internet apps were dog-slow. Turned out, we were operating with one less T1 line than normal. Two guys came out from the phone company, found a pair of wires that weren't connected properly in some metal box somewhere out in the alley, used an alternate pair of wires for our T1 connection to by-pass the problem pair, and we were fixed.

Don't you love how he hangs that...that...meter reader thingy off his belt so it bumps his butt when he moves? What's up with that?

Luckily, he didn't walk around like that, with it attached to his belt that way. He just snapped it on while we were hiding out, er, I mean, troubleshooting the problem in the phone closet. I just thought it was weird, but smart, but nerdy, but attractive in that "Ooooh...shiny!" kind of way (except it's not shiny, just motion-y...movement tends to attract my ADD brain's attention as much as bright, shiny objects do), to have that thing hanging there like that, swinging back and forth between his legs.

Yes, I said it.

It's time for a low-brow post, and this is it. I'm a year older since yesterday, and have embraced that whole I'm-too-old-to-bother-with-being-socially-acceptable thing (for today, anyway). Bring on the semi-hawt, not-really-a-maintenance-man-but-close-enough pics. Bring on the pandering to the populace. Bring on the google searches. And Blognut, bring on YOUR semi-hawt maintenance man. I bet yours is better than mine.


gudnuff said...

I know, I know. This stuff is just too hot to handle. Steamy, sexy stuff, eh? Jealous, eh? Yeah. I used to be like, "I'm not scared of you, technology! I can do this. A girl can do this!" Now I'm just like, yeah, whatever, somebody call the maintenance man.

Hyphen Mama said...

You kill me!! I can see me doing something like this. I was HOT HOT HOT after a plumber we had about 2 years ago, who moved our kitchen plumbing during a remodel. Mr Hyphen looked at me all weird when I admitted that I'd considered dumping a bag of quikcrete down the toilets just to have him back OVER AND OVER AND OVER. But I didn't.

I hope your guy removes his thingy before he sits down. THAT could be painful.

A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

He looks cute . . . and so brainy, as he points authoritatively at the computer screen.

blognut said...

Holy Crap! I thought he fell on an important piece of technology and had it permanently sticking out his ass!

Glad we cleared that up. I'll get you a picture of the semi-hawt maintenance man.

By the way, my word verification is glutte. I'm thinking that's some other language for Ass.

Cee said...

this post was hilarious! oh man, i can't believe you snuck pictures of your maintenance man! so funny! I love a man in uniform and I love a man with tools but the maintenance men I know are not so hot- they are dirty and missing teeth. BUT the janitor at my law school....kinda hot for an old man...